Saturday 2 November 2019

Irish Newspaper Archives launches specialist archive, adds more content, and offers discounts of up to 35%

From the Irish Newspaper Archives
The Dublin-based Irish Newspaper Archives has launched a new product – a special collection of Irish political and radical publications that offer a voice to the marginalised Left in Ireland during the early 20th century.

It's called the Radical Newspaper Archive, and it holds an extraordinary collection of more than 115 Irish radical and political newspapers, journals, pamphlets and bulletins.

Spanning one of the most important periods of Irish history, these somewhat obscure titles provide an insight into a myriad of opinions on Irish life. Covering events such as Home Rule, the redistribution of land, the 1913 Lock Out, the 1916 Rising and its aftermath, the War of Independence, the fractious Civil War, the rise of Fascism in Ireland and the Economic War of the 1930s, and more, The Radical Newspaper Archive sheds important new light on all of these critical moments.

The fully searchable archive consists of more than 11,000 editions with a total count of 102,755 pages. It also has its own dedicated online presence and pricing plans via the link above.

Meanwhile, the parent Irish Newspaper Archive has been updated with the following new content:

(Cork) Evening Echo: editions published 1960–1968 (this holding now runs 1896–1968)
Kilkenny People: editions published in 2005 (this holding now runs 1895–current)
Nationalist & Munster Advertiser: editions published in 2005 (this holding now runs 1889–current)

And to round off the news from the family-run business, there are some discounts to be had. The Gold Membership attracts a 35% discount; the Silver Membership 30%, and the new Radical Membership 10%. With a nod to Halloween just gone, the coupon codes have a Spooky theme, and the discounts will expire on Sunday 10 November. Click below to find out more.