Monday 11 November 2019

Speed upgrade for Irish Newspaper Archives in January

Some more* good news from Irish Newspaper Archives (INA).

Via Twitter, the INA team has confirmed its plans for the next few months. First up, there's more content coming. No details yet. Perhaps more significantly, at this point in time, the family-owned business has started a new project that will speed up searching and browsing the online archive.

The slowness of browsing the site is often mentioned by regular users... it's usually the only criticism... so INA is now engaged in replacing, upgrading and duplicating its servers. All drives with be replaced with SSD fast drives. These technical developments will increase resources and help to share load.

These improvements should be live in January 2020 and will then be reviewed to see if any further upgrading work is still needed to deliver a slicker browsing experience.

* See last week's addition of new content and launch of Radical Newspapers Archive, here.