Friday 1 November 2019

A busy fortnight for Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives

In the second half of October, the team of volunteers at Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives had to make an emergency change of servers after its existing one hit capacity. It has also uploaded the materials below, full of headstone photos, text files of inscriptions, and other transcribed records; and hit a new total of 150,000 headstones + transcriptions in its IGP Headstone database.

Memorial to William Jubilee Maxwell, Dunluce
C of I churchyard, Co Antrim.  Click to enlarge.
Photo courtesy IGPArchives and Valerie Ackroyd.
A busy fortnight!

Here are the new additions:

ISLAND-WIDE Genealogy Archives – Emigration
Peter Robinson immigration scheme 1825 Pt8–end

ANTRIM Genealogy Archives – Headstones
St. John the Baptist Graveyard (CoI), Dunluce

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives – Headstones
Donegal Abbey Part 4 (End)

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives – Headstones
Kill Abbey Graveyard (Part)
Mt Jerome, Dublin - Part 238

MEATH Genealogy Archives – Headstones
St. James New Cem., Pt 3 (Text File)

TIPPERARY Genealogy Archives – Land
Estates belonging to Endowed School of Clonmel