Wednesday 6 March 2019

Irish Newspaper Archives: a new title and a discount

The Dublin-based Irish Newspaper Archives has added The Nationalist & Munster Advertiser to its holding. The paper's publisher, the Nationalist Newspaper Company, was formed in Clonmel in 1885 and purchased its printing plant from a defunct title, 'The Tipperary'; the newspaper that launched in January 1886 was called The Tipperary Nationalist & Southern Irishman.

The Nationalist has joined the Irish Newspaper Archives
In its early years, the title of the paper changed several times. From February 1890 to April 1892 it was known as The Nationalist; from May 1892 to February 1908 it was The Nationalist & Tipperary Advertiser; and from February 1908 to December 2010 it was The Nationalist & Munster Advertiser. Since January 2011 it has been known as The Nationalist and is still published as such in Clonmel.

A continuous run from May 1889 to current editions can now be viewed on the Irish Newspaper Archives' database.

The owners of the Archives have also provided an update on their development plans. In the pipe for upload to the database are The Evening Press, The Sunday Press, The Belfast Telegraph, and The Tipperary Star. Post-1950 editions of The Belfast Newsletter will be added to the existing holding of the title, as will historical (1766+) editions of The Limerick Chronicle. Additionally, the company's work on sourcing editions to plug gaps in the existing holding of the Limerick Leader 1970-79 will continue.

As it's March and St Patrick's Day isn't too far off, Irish Newspaper Archives is offering discounts on its monthly and membership subscriptions, as follows:

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The discount expires on Saturday 23 March.