Friday 24 November 2017

RootsIreland: one-third off cost of annual subscriptions is offering a hefty one-third discount on 12-month subscriptions to its database of more than 20million records.

https://www.rootsireland.ieThe website contains data from more than 30 heritage centres across the island (excluded are southwest Cork, including Cork City, Kerry, and Dublin City) and is one of the main resources for accessing Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian, Methodist, Baptist and other church records of baptisms, marriages and deaths. For many areas, the Catholic records extend by some decades those available on other websites, and the same can be said of the database's civil records collection.

Not for nothing does renowned genealogist John Grenham refer to RootsIreland (here) as 'the one essential commercial genealogy site for Irish research'.

You can check what records are available for each county using this handy widget.

RootsIreland doesn't make many offers, and even when it does, they are rarely of this size of discount, so don't miss this opportunity.

The 12-month subscription usually costs €225 / GB£185 / US$255. With the one-third discount, the cost is reduced to €150 / GB£123 / US$170. The offer runs until 11:59pm GMT on Thursday 7 December.