Tuesday 14 November 2017

20% discount on Ancestry.com's Thanksgiving gifts

Expires 23 November
This Thanksgiving, Ancestry.com is offering a 20% saving on new membership subscriptions and DNA tests purchased as gifts. (Yes, you can purchase them for yourself as a gift... go on, you know you're worth it!)

Subscriptions: The discount is available only on 6-month and 12-month gift memberships (non-recurring). It is for new subscribers only and not for renewal of currect subscriptions. You select the date you want the subscription to start and provide only an email address of the recipient. Ancestry then contacts the recipient by email on the start date.

The discount reduces the cost of a subscription as follows:
US Discovery package:  12 months – pay $149, save $40, or, 6 months – pay $79, save $99.
World Explorer package: 12 months – pay $239, save $60, or, 6 months – pay $119, save $30.

DNA test kits: The discount reduces the price of a kit to US$79. Shipping costs are extra. You provide the name and address of your recipient (must be in USA) and the testing kit is sent to them, with full instructions of how to take the saliva test and where to send the kit once they've taken the necessary action. Six to eight weeks after the laboratory receives the dna sample, your recipient will receive his or her ethnicity estimate and details of the matches made in the huge Ancestry DNA database.

The discount will expire on Thursday 23 November at 11:59pm.