Monday 13 November 2017 adds more free historical birth, marriage and death records

Over the last couple of hours, has been uploading another instalment of civil registration records, complete with images of birth, marriage and (possibly) death registers. upload is taking its time, and I can't say exactly what its final make-up will be, but so far I can confirm that the 1916 births (the rolling year from 100 years ago) are available, and the index + register image of marriages from 1869/1870 to 1881 seem to be going live in steady fashion (the 1882-1940 records were already fully online). For my own family, I can see register images of marriages in Cork, Tipperary and Wicklow for those dates.

I'm getting mixed results for death records, with either no results appearing if I narrow down my search, or loads of results with no images for pre 1890. Possibly the death records will go live later. For deaths, the 1891 to 1965 index + register images are already online, so it's the pre-1891 and the 1966 updates we're hoping for.

I'm sorry I haven't got time to do an indepth analysis right now. I'm in a hospital with my mother this afternoon, so this will have to wait until I have more time, which may be a day or so. (She gets priority!)

In the meantime, I'm sure you can all go hunting for yourself! Have fun!

Update, 16 November: See blogpost.