Thursday 16 November 2017

Irish civil bmd records: latest on the recent upload
Late yesterday afternoon I spoke to the managers of It seems Monday's upload of additional GRO records was released to the public in error; a test site was supposed to be doing the rounds within the GRO, allowing any errors in function or delivery to be sorted out before it went live. Instead, it just went live.

Unfortunately, the test site had quite a few problems: an 'old style' index remains on the site, causing duplications; registration districts had gone awol in older index entries resulting in nil returns when searching by registration district; many of the new-release of records were not available, and where they were, they often were flying solo, ie without the image of the register entry.

These problems are now being resolved and it is hoped all will be ironed out by the end of the day. At that point, the records on the site should be:

  • Birth records - index plus image of birth register page: 1864 to 1916
  • Marriage records - Index only: 1845/1864 to 1869; index plus image of marriage register page: 1870 to 1941
  • Death records - Index only: 1864 to 1877; index plus image of death register page: 1878 to 1966
This morning I can see the matter of the N/R registration districts appears to have been resolved. The older death records are also being uploaded but not all of them yet have images attached, and the duplicated index remains. So there's still some work to do but it's clearly in hand.

Once this upload is completed, we will inevitably start pining for the remaining parts of the collection (marriage register images 1845-1869 and death register images 1864 to 1877) to be fully available. I'm told these will be along in mid-2018.

I've also been asked to pass on that errors submitted via the feedback page of have been actioned in this latest upload. The cut-off was July this year. So, if you submitted details of an error prior to the end of July, you should find it corrected; if it is not, please resubmit giving date of your original feedback submission.

If you sent such details from August onwards, it will be actioned as part of the 2018 upload.

I'll update on this page later today, or as necessary.

UPDATE, 19 November: Duplicated index seems to have been removed and all the death records seem to be present for the relevant years.

The duplication of the new and old indexes still needs to be corrected,
but at least the registration districts have been restored.