Friday 15 August 2014

Maynooth Studies in Local History series: 5 new titles

Five new titles in the excellent Maynooth Studies in Local History series have been published by Four Courts Press.

These small volumes demonstrate the vitality of research into local history in Ireland and reveal the range of possibilities open to anyone interested in studying local history. They also contain a level of detail that many family historians seek in their quest to understand the live and times of their ancestors.

Struggle and strife on a Mayo estate, 1833-1903: The Nolans of Logboy and their tenants, by Michael Kelly. 64 pages. ISBN 978-1-84682-518-7. RRP: €9.95 Details:

The medical profession and the exercise of power in early nineteenth-century Cork
, by Neil Cronin. 74 pages. 978-1-84682-517-0 RRP: €9.95. Details.

Charles Tisdall of County Meath, 1740–51, by Marion Rogan. 68 pages. 978-1-84682-515-6. RRP: €9.95. Details.

Derry Labour in the age of agitation, 1889–1923: 1 – New unionism and old, 1889–1906, by Emmet O'Connor. 64 pages, with illustrations. 978-1-84682-514-9. RRP: €9.95. Details.

Medieval Fore, County Westmeath, by Rory Masterson. 74 pages, with illustrations. 978-1-84682-513-2. RRP: €9.95. Details.

A discount is available for those buying online via the Four Courts Press website.

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