Thursday 13 March 2014

Genealogy Roadshow returns to RTE in May

A second series of the Genealogy Roadshow will return to RTE One on Sunday 4 May.

In each episode, historian Turtle Bunbury teams up with professional genealogists John Grenham MAPGI and Susan Chadwick MAPGI to meet members of the public and work out the truth behind family stories of being descended from a famous historical character or connected to a historical event. The show has been described as 'Antiques Roadshow meets Who Do You Think You Are?'.

The second series was filmed at Powerscourt in Co Wicklow, University College Cork and Lumen Christi College, Derry.

Episode one, filmed at Powerscourt, will be broadcast at 7pm on 4 May, with the other two episodes screening at the same time on the following Sundays.

Produced by Big Mountain, the original series aired on RTE1 television in 2011 and has been repeated four times since. An American version was also developed last year.

UPDATE 4 May: The second series has been rescheduled to start on Sunday 11 May.

(And to those who copy my blogposts and don't credit the source.... this serves you right!!)