Friday 7 March 2014

Brian Boru reigns in latest issue of History Ireland
You'd be right in guessing from the cover that this Special issue of History Ireland magazine, which is now in the shops, focusses on Brian Boru.

Indeed, all ten main articles are on topic, coming at it from many angles starting with a contextual overview of Ireland in the Viking Age and taking in the lasting mythology of Brian, analysis of art depicting the Battle of Clontarf and an examination of how its 900th anniversary was commemorated in 1914, plus many other approaches. Many of the Regular sections – the Artefacts, Book Reviews and Museum Eye features – are given over to the subject, too.

Even the Seen On TV review slot comes up with a Clontarf theme, looking at Cluain Tarbh, a documentary completed and originally scheduled for broadcast in 2011 but held over to screen on the millenial anniversary: Good Friday (18 April) on TG4.

Indeed, the only respite from Brian Boru and Vikings (should you want one) comes from the always-lively Letters page, the News pages, the Gems of Architecture column and the Kindred Lines column by Fiona Fitzsimons who looks at the Irish genealogies and how to get the best from them.

Another great issue from the History Ireland team. And I'll send some congrats to the designers, too... I really like the new presentation.

History Ireland is on sale at the newsstands now, price €7/£6, or by subscription.