Wednesday 16 October 2013

RootsIreland Top-Up offer, until 24 October

As you must surely know if you've been paying attention to my blogposts over the last few weeks, The Irish Family History Foundation and RootsIreland are sponsoring the main genealogy/heritage lecture programmes at this years Back To Our Past, which starts on Friday*.

To coincide with the Show, a special offer has been announced for researchers to take advantage of over the next feverish week. If you spend at least 25 Euros to purchase or top up your credits between now and next Thursday 24 October, you'll get 50 extra free credits.

The RootsIreland database holds more than 20million records, many of them from baptism, marriage and burial registers that are not available on any other website.

* See Countdown to Back To Our Past 2013.