Thursday 10 October 2013

A Titanic Gathering on offer for Belfast 4–8 November

Titanic Belfast is hosting its very own Gathering next month with a Festival of Family and Friends. The five-day celebration (4–8 November) includes a specially reduced* £9 entry fee to the Titanic Experience, with (as if any additional enticement were needed) tea/coffee and shortbread included!

There's an innovative range of social events on offer, among them a Tea Dance in the Titanic Suite, a 'steerage class' evening, and an afternoon of drama, music and cinema. You can find details of these and more in the downloadable brochure.

There's also a great line-up of talks hosted by PRONI, FindMyPast, the Ulster Historical Foundation and the Linenhall Library that will be of interest to genealogists. Details of these talks are not included in the brochure, so I've listed the programme below. Each lecture will be presented in the Andrews Gallery, which is within the Titanic Belfast building but does not give access to the Titanic Experience. The talks are free and you don't need to book. Just turn up in good time.

Tuesday 5 November
11:30am A Century of Change, Conflict&Transformation: Northern Ireland 1911-2011, with PRONI
2:00pm How to start your family tree – a beginner's guide, with

Wednesday 6 November
11:30am Cartoons and Postcards of 20th-century Ireland, with the LinenHall Library

Thursday 7 November
11:30am Made in Belfast: Titanic Industries, with PRONI
2:00pm Introduction to Family History, with the Ulster Historical Foundation

Friday 8 November
11:30am Online sources for family and local history, with PRONI
2:00pm Trace ancestors who travelled to GB, USA, Australia and more, with

Saturday 9 November
11:30am Art in the Archives (exploring cinema, radio, theatre etc), with PRONI

*standard entry charge is normally £14.75