Thursday 3 October 2013

Another batch of downloadable titles from Eneclann

The latest batch of downloadable books from Eneclann includes some very useful titles at rather attractive prices.

Among them is the four-volume 2,242-page History of the People called Quakers, from their first rise to the present time, which was published 1789-90. This extraordinary source was put together by John Gough, himself a Quaker, who died shortly after completing the final volume. His work is an important and seminal work on the Society of Friends, their early beginnings, their spread throughout much of the known world and the persecutions they suffered. Long available on cd, this work can now be downloaded as an ebook (103Mb) for €15.90 (plus VAT to European Union residents).

Some more to whet your appetite:

Royal Irish Constabulary List and Directory for the half-year commencing 1st July 1889.
Containing 242 printed pages this is the complete list of the Royal Irish Constabulary, Coast Guard Service and Dublin Metropolitan Police for the first half of the year 1889, containing a plethora of information on the RIC and associated services. Price €2.15 (€2.64 inc VAT at 23% to residents of the European Union)

Tipperary's Annual, 1910
Contains 185-printed pages packed with stories, photographs, anecdotes, local history and local advertisements. Price €2.15 (€2.64 inc VAT at 23% to residents of the European Union).

The Neighbourhood of Dublin, Its Topography, Antiquities and Historical Associations, 1939 Written by the ex-civil servant, journalist, historian and antiquary Weston St. John Joyce, The Neighbourhood of Dublin contains over 500 printed pages and is accompanied by more 120 photographs and sketches taken by the author between 1909 and 1912. Price: €9.90 (€12.18 inc VAT at 23% for residents of the European Union).

Estate Commissioners Offices, Applications from Evicted Tenants, 1907 This publication records lists of persons who lodged applications with the Estates Commissioners as Evicted Tenants, or as the representatives of Evicted Tenants, and who had been noted as suitable for holdings. From a purely historical standpoint this publication reports the last occasions of evicted tenants from landed estates in Ireland prior to Ireland's independence, compulsory purchase of landed estates and the exodus from Ireland of former landlords. From a genealogical standpoint this collection offers a list of thousands of tenants and their dependants in some of the most deprived parts of Ireland. Price: €6.26 (€7.70 inc VAT at 23% to residents of the European Union.)

You can see the full range of titles in this latest batch of downloadable titles here.