Thursday 3 October 2013

National Archives of Ireland: latest catalogue entries

Recent uploads to the online catalogue of the National Archives of Ireland include the following:
  • Department of Education: applications for aid to the Commissioners of National Education, Counties Carlow, Cavan, Dublin (part of), Galway, 1831-1890: (ED/1/1-3, ED/1/30-34)
  • Chief Secretary's Office: Irish Crime Records 1848-1893 (CSO/ICR)
  • Inland Revenue Board: death duty registers and indexes, 1828-1879 (IRB/T/1855)
  • Prerogative Court of Armagh: records, 1536-1858 (PRCT)
  • Captain George Duggan, Royal Irish Fusiliers and Lieutenant John Duggan, Royal Irish Regiment: portrait photographs 1914 (PRIV996)
  • Fishing vessel 'Emperor', Dublin: crew agreement and log book 1913 (PRIV1224)
  • General Prison Board Suffragette Papers (GPB/SFRG/1), detailing the treatment of suffragettes who were imprisoned by the authorities, mainly during the period 1911-1914. Full listing.
  • Probate Office, 1987 testamentary transfer (2008/1)
  • Probate Office, 1988 testamentary transfer (2009/1)
  • Limerick District Probate Office, 1989 testamentary transfer (2010/10)
  • Wexford Circuit Court, 1989 transfer (2011/34)
  • Embassy of Ireland to Argentina, 2012 transfer: files relating mainly to 1982 (2012/40)
  • Department of Transport, Civil Aviation Division, 2004 transfer: Aer Lingus files 1969-1975 (2004/108)
  • Department of Transport, Civil Aviation Division, 2008 transfer: aviation regulation and air navigation files, 1956-1991 (2008/66)
  • Department of Industry and Commerce: Irish tobacco industry, 1922-1956 (INDC/IND/25)
  • Department of Industry and Commerce: tariffs and protection of manufacturing, 1925-1973 (INDC/IND/26)
The above are additions to the catalogue. The records/photos/documents themselves are not online, but descriptions in the catalogue may help you to decide whether a personal visit to view the collection could be worthwhile.