Thursday 14 February 2013

Yes, it's Valentine's Day

This being Valentine's Day (don't tell me you haven't noticed!), I feel obliged to make some kind of reference to love and romance.

Fortunately, FindMyPast Ireland have made light work – for me – of finding that reference. They've posted a nice feature about Irish love tokens. Read it here.

The thought of men making those harvest knots is incredible. But men can be incredibly romantic. Back in the day, my husband carved me a tiny pot from a dark African wood; it's a bit like an egg-cup with a lid, but elegant and very very delicate. That was about 10 years before we married and I knew from the work and precision he had put into it that this fella was for keeps. I guess this proves, as if proof were needed, that love tokens work.

The little pot is now the home of my wedding ring.

(He doesn't read my blog!)