Tuesday 9 October 2012

More digital conversions available from Eneclann

Over the last few months, Eneclann has been busily converting its range of useful publications into easy to download digital versions. This makes them cheaper, and there's no postage or packaging fees to stump up.

The latest batch to have the digital treatment consists of 29 titles. Here's a few of the titles, to give you a taster:

  • Kenny's Irish Manufacturers' Directory 1919 – a special discount brings the digital version down to just €2.25 (+Vat for EU customers)
  • Real Life in Ireland by a Real Paddy, 1821 – complete with cartoons. €9.90 (+Vat for EU customers)
  • The (Quaker) Annual Monitor for 1849 – €3.79 (+Vat for EU customers)
  • Mr Tuke's Fund for Assisted Emigration 1882-5. €9.90 (+Vat for EU customers)

You can find the full list of new titles here.