Tuesday 2 October 2012

Back To Our Past: minor amend to lecture programme

There's been a slight change to the lecture programme at Back To Our Past (which, if you didn't know, is Ireland's very own genealogy fest and takes place at the RDS in Dublin 12-14 October).

It's a straight swop, so not a major change, but worth highlighting so that you can plan your time at the show properly.

The talk by Lesley Anderson of Ancestry.com – Exploring Canadian Records on Ancestry.com and how they impact on Irish Family History Research – was originally billed for Friday at 4:30pm. This has now been moved to Sunday at 4:30pm.

The talk by Eric Booth and Angela Crouch of Ancestry.com – Ancestry DNA - How will it help your family history research? – was originally billed for Sunday at 4:30pm. This has now been moved to Friday at 4:30pm.

You can see the revised schedule on the organiser's website.

The deadline for half price advance tickets from the organiser has now passed, but you can still take advantage of half price entry by downloading and printing off Irish Genealogy New's voucher above (link no longer active). It allows up to two people to enter at a 50% discount on any of the three days of the show – a potential saving of 10 Euros.