Tuesday 2 October 2012

Ancestry's expanding library....

Ancestry has added another shelf or two to its browsable collection of books of genealogical and historical interest for the UK and Ireland. For some reason, none of them registers specifically as an 'Ireland' book. They've all been allocated to 'United Kingdom'. Wales has had the same treatment.

The list of new books in the United Kingdom category is so long that they can't all fit into the 'What's New' page template!

So, rather than list them, I'm going to just direct you to the main What's New listing, and suggest that you check out the following collections for whichever geographical area you are interested in:

Schools, Directories and Church Histories
Reference, Dictionaries & Almanacs
Stories, Memories & Histories.

While this particular upload of new material hasn't registered under Ireland yet, there are plenty of books in it that would be of interest to Irish genealogy research. You've just got to hunt them down.