Wednesday 26 October 2022

Cooke of Garrengrena collection uploaded to

A new collection of manuscripts relating to the Cooke family of Borrisoleigh and the Grene family of Cappamurra and Dublin has been added to Tipperary Studies' digital archive.

Manuscript family tree of the Grene family from C1th-C19th.
Cooke of Garrengrena collection. Click for enlarged view.

The documents are free to view and download as PDFs.

Among the papers are genealogies of the Cooke and Grene families, family letters, leases, wills and other legal papers mainly dating to the 19th century. Together they create a snapshot of middle-class life in Ireland over the course of the 1800s.

The Cooke and Grene families were connected by the marriage of Elizabeth Grene to John Cooke of Borrisoleigh JP and most of the land documents relate to the Borrisoleigh holdings. The letters are predominantly from the Grene family.

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