Friday 14 October 2022

Ancestry adds College of Physicians of Ireland Registers, 1667-1920

Were there any doctors in the house of your Irish ancestors? If so, Ancestry's latest new Irish collection – the Royal College of Physicians of Ireland registers, 1667–1920 – may help you discover them.

The RCPI Heritage Centre in Dublin

The Royal College, which was founded in 1654, is an educational institution and a professional society, and the registers have been sourced from the RCPI Heritage Centre on Dublin's Kildare Street. The 15,621 records include the names of the society's members and dates related to their licensing and membership.

Some may also include a physician's place of residence and date of death.

While they do not include other genealogical information, they do help place your ancestors at a particular time.

These are the registers now indexed and linked to images, or simply available to browse, on Ancestry:

  • Register of the King and Queen Colleges of Physicians of Ireland, 1667-1871
  • Roll of Fellows, Officers and Licentiates 1829-1865
  • Roll of Licentiates, 1695-1833
  • Roll of Licentiates in Medicine and Midwifery 1866-1920
  • Roll of Licentiates in Sanitary Science, 1883-1920
  • Roll of Licentiates under the Conjoint Scheme 1886, 1887-1920
  • Roll of Officers, 1836-1842
  • Roll of Members, 1879-1920
  • Roll of Officers and Fellows, 1693-1760; 1724-1825; 1771-1835; 1866-1920

Ancestry has produced a a short video about the collection along with some tips on how to get the best from it.