Friday 29 April 2022

New edition of Divided States reading list published

An updated edition of Divided States: Irish Independence and its Aftermath 1918-1923, a reading list produced by the Church of Ireland’s Historical Centenaries Working Group, has been published online. 

 It will be of interest to those family historians who are studying this era of the island's past, with its very different narratives and interpretations. 

Divided States firstly covers the wider context of Irish history. It goes on to explore a number of more specialised topics: nationalism and unionism, events in Ireland in the crucial decade of 1913-1923, local studies, the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the Civil War, Partition and the development of Northern Ireland, the Southern Protestant community, and the role of women in the revolutionary era, alongside a number of personal perspectives. 

The reading list was first published in April 2019. Both the first edition and this new edition, which includes an updated representative selection of the historical literature of the period, are available to read and download free of charge here.

Click the image to download the new edition.