Thursday 28 April 2022

Listen up! Paul Gorry MAGI launches the Irish GenPod series

Accredited Professional Genealogist Paul Gorry has launched a new podcast series in which he chats with individuals working within the Irish genealogy community. It's called the Irish GenPod series, and aims to discover more about the background, experience, views and character of some of the island's well-known and not-so-well-known family historians.

In the first episode, Paul interviewed Nichola Morris MAGI, one of Ireland's most hard-working genealogists. You may recognise her name from many of the best-known ancestor hunt TV shows produced on both sides of the Atlantic, or from presenting lectures and teaching classes, or from her column in Irish Roots magazine.

When she's not meeting the likes of Jeremy Irons and Judi Dench, she manages to run her own genealogy research company and is currently in her first of a three-year-term as President of Accredited Genealogists Ireland, the accrediting and representative body for professional genealogists across the island.

This week is was Dr Brendan Scott's turn to share the mike with Paul. Brendan is another hard-worker... it seems to be a required personality trait for those who successfully develop a full-time career in genealogy. He is an academic, historian and lecturer, the manager of (the not-for-profit database of records gathered and transcribed by genealogists working in the Irish Family History Foundation's network of genealogy centres), a writer and editor of history books and local/family history journals – he is currently sharing the research and writing for the Irish Historical Towns Atlas of Cavan – and is Cavan County Council's historian-in-residence, coordinating and supporting the local Decade of Centenaries Programme.

Each of the interviews runs to around 35 minutes and, although the conversations are suitably relaxed, they are quite densely packed with detail. Among the mix of topics discussed, you'll hear some behind-the-scenes observations on the manners (or lack of them) of celebrities and receive advance notice of imminent record releases!

You'll find the Irish GenPod series on the SoundCloud platform, where it is hosted by Senior Times, the magazine produced by the organisers of the Back To Our Past show. Here's the link: