Thursday 21 April 2022

Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project: more updates and guides

The Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project is still going full steam ahead. At its mid-month update, the volunteer-led project, managed by Canberra-based Nick Reddan FIGRS, has 483,361 records in its index, drawn from 50,525 memorials of deeds. These are fully searchable and free of charge, to all researchers. Click the image below to explore the site.

In addition to the main database updates, more transcriptions from the Registry of Deeds' Grantors and Townland Indexes have recently been added. There's always space for more though!

The volunteer work is A LOT easier than it used to be, thanks to the free availability of images of the memorials and Grantors and Townland indexes at

Volunteers no longer need to spend hours at the repository in Dublin... you can view the images from your own laptop as and when you've got a half-hour spare. There's no commitment or targets. And the reward is knowing that you're helping other Irish genealogists from around the world to discover more about their ancestors.

Nick has prepared a series of guides to help any new volunteer upload to the main database or accompanying indexes. He's added another this month, in fact.