Tuesday 8 February 2022

Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project: first updates of 2022

My goodness, those wonderful volunteers of the Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project have been working like the clappers over the festive season and the depths of winter!

Nick Reddan FIGRS, who founded and manages the project, attributes this great output to the northern hemisphere's cold season and covid issues, and he, enjoying the sunshine in Canberra, is probably right!

Since the last update in the middle of December, the free online index has expanded by nearly 11,000 entries and the Townland index has grown by nearly 60,000 new entries.

The Grantor Index, which can be a bit more testing to transcribe, was updated by only a few hundred entries. The total memorial count in the main index is now at 49,381, so chuggling along nicely towards 50,000.

All the Indexes are free to search.