Monday 19 October 2020 uploads 22,000 records from Co. Sligo

Sligo Heritage & Genealogy Centre (Sligo Roots) has announced the addition of some 21,939 records to's Sligo database. The upload comes in two distinct bundles. The first includes some 6,380 miscellaneous baptisms, births, marriages and deaths recorded across the county's parishes.

The second sees more than 15,550 gravestone and memorial inscriptions uploaded from six Roman Catholic burial grounds in Aghanagh, Ahamlish; Drumcliffe; Keelogues, Skreen & Dromard; and Templeboy, and a further three municipal (mixed denomination) cemeteries in Aghanagh, Sligo Town, and Templeboy.

Adrian Regan, the manager of Sligo Roots, told Irish Genealogy News that the first bundle includes the rolling annual upload of records according to the 100-75-50-year rule. "It also includes a back-log of amendments and additions gathered over six or seven year from records discovered on random pages or parts of pages that had become separated or torn from registers, or on previously untranscribed sections of microfilm. They cover many of the county's parishes, across various dates and time-frames."

The gravestone and memorial bundle is the first instalment from a Special Project team of two that's been working through the results of burial ground surveys carried out between 1985 and 1990. "All the records are being data-checked and where the inscription was not complete, the memorial has been re-examined," explains Adrian. "This upload is the first batch. The team has another 26,000 inscriptions to work through."

Other future additions to the RootsIreland Sligo database will include shipping lists dating from around 1909 to about 1950, and Methodist congregational records. There's not yet a timeframe for when these will be online.

You can view the full menu of the online sources held in RootsIreland's Sligo database at