Thursday 22 October 2020

Records, history and more in three new publications for Clongish RC parish, Co Longford

Clongish Roman Catholic Parish, Newtownforbes, County Longford is the focus of three new publications based on old baptismal, marriage and burial records from the area. The third book additionally includes a major survey of the memorials of the old parish graveyard at Lismoy.

Brief details are as follows:

Clongish Parish (R.C.) Baptismal Records 1829-1899 [B&W]. This 176-page book includes a record of over 5,000 baptisms, together with background information on the local impact of the Great Famine and emigration. It also provides a statistical analysis of the baptisms, as well as aspects such as common surnames, family size, family links to townlands, age at which baptism occurred, frequency of twins and the distribution of baptisms per townland. It costs €10.

Clongish Marriages 1829-1944 [B&W] This 64-page book provides details of almost 1,300 marriages as well as information on some notable weddings, together with an analysis of the number of marriages per decade and time of year in which people married. €5,

Lismoy Historic Graveyard : Clongish Memorial & Burial Records 1747-2014 [Full colour]. This 224-page book includes burial records 1829-1949; a detailed survey of 300 memorials (1747-2014) and an article by research archaeologist Mary B. Timoney on the decoration on the older memorials. It also gives a brief overview of the Sisters of Mercy cemetery in Newtownforbes (behind the old convert, since converted into apartments), and a special focus on 1847 based on notes recorded in the original register. €25.

Each of the paperbacks can be purchased individually at the prices shown, but there is also a special 'bundle' price of €30 when all three publications are bought together. Post and packing is extra.

To order, email the author Des Mooney at