Thursday 22 October 2020

Irish Registry of Deeds Index Project: October update

The latest update to the Registry of Deeds Index Project sees more than 380,058 entries in the Index, with all details extracted from 40,657 memorials of deeds.

Among the memorials indexed this month is one (no. 186417049, dated from 1864 but referring to a previous deed from 1829) which includes a table of tenants. They were all from Ballynerrin in County Wicklow. 

Surveyors for Griffith's Valuation carried out their work in County Wicklow in 1852-53. This memorial, then, is a very useful census substitute for the area some 12 years later.

If you click on the image, right, you'll be able to view a larger version of the memorial page and work through the named individuals and details of their tenancy.

You can also see the full indexed extracts as they appear in the Index database here.

To search the site its growing database of indexed memorials, click the image below.