Monday 2 March 2020

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives: latest updates

There was a lot of behind-the-screens work going on at Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives in the last three weeks of February and this impacted the number of resource files and photos that could be uploaded into the Archives.
Click image for an enlarged view of this stone
and its neighbour from the same family,
located St Mary's Clanaphilip, Killinkere, Co Cavan.
Photo courtesy IGPArchives.
Even so, there's been a small first upload of headstone photos with a transcription text file for St Ultan's Cemetery, and more than fifty photos and transcriptions from St Mary's Graveyard, Clanaphilip. Both burial grounds are in Killinkere.

The photo to the right is in St Mary's and provides wonderful genealogical information back to the 1790s.  It is set next to an equally informative stone to another branch of the same family. Click the image to see the 'twin pix'.

A first instalment of headstone pictures and text files from  Kilbride New Cemetery is also now available to view.  It has more than 100 grave markers.

Links are below:

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Killinkere, St. Ultan's Cemetery
St. Mary's Graveyard, Clanaphilip

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Manor Kilbride New Cemetery