Monday 16 March 2020

And another couple of Irish collections join Ancestry

Just over a week ago, Ancestry added four new Irish collections (see blogpost), and this seemed to be the early arrival of the St Patrick's Day gifts we have come to expect from this commercial supplier. But it turns out the Ancestry cataloguing system had gone a bit rogue or was simply slacking, because there were another two new collections intended for the package. They've now appeared in the catalogue and can now be searched. They are:

Ireland, Dog Licence Registrations, 1810-1926. This collection holds 7,358,408 records.

Encumbered Estate Court, 1850-1883 This collection holds 494,616 records of landlords who could no longer afford their mortgate payments during and after the Famine, and details of their impoverished tenants. See Irish Genealogy Toolkit for more information about this unusual collection.

Both collections have been exclusively on FindMyPast for the past several years. It's good to see them more widely available now.

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