Wednesday 14 August 2019

IGRS Early Irish BMD Indexes continues to grow

The Irish Genealogical Research Society has added another tranche of data to its exclusive Early Irish Birth, Death and Marriage database.

The biggest recipient of the update was the Early Irish Marriage Index which now holds details of 100,518 weddings and just a smidge under 223,000 individual names.

More than 2,700 records were also added to the Early Irish Births and Deaths Indexes.

In total, the Society's Early Irish BMD databases now hold 163,569 records and the names of nearly 400,000 individuals.

Volunteers have contributed all of these records. They cover the period 1660 to 1863 and represent many years of diligent transcription from a very wide range of original and unusual sources, very few of which are or ever will be found online. Sources include newspapers and journals, land deeds, court bills, army records and old age pension applications. Published works such as biographies and peerages as well as private papers have also been consulted.

You can learn more about the Indexes, and this most recent update, on the Society's website,

The Early Irish Marriage Index is free to access, while the birth and death indexes allow free name-searches to non-members. Members, of course, have full access to all the society's online records and guides.