Tuesday 16 July 2019

Early July update: Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives

Photo from Shankill cemetery.
Courtesy Dave Hall and IGP Archives.
Volunteers have donated the files noted below to Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives (IGP-web) during the first half of July.

They are made available to researchers, free of charge, but do bear in mind that contributors retain copyright of their transcriptions and/or photographs.

DUBLIN Genealogy Archives – Headstones
Mount Jerome, Dublin - Part 226-229

LONGFORD Genealogy Archives – Land
Registry of Deeds - Index of Grantees, 1708-1738
Registry of Deeds - Index of Grantors, 1708-1738

ROSCOMMON Genealogy Archives – Headstones
Shankill Cemetery, near Elphin (UPDATE)

TIPPERARY Genealogy Archives – Church
Thurles Parish Marriages, Dio. of Cashel & Emly (R.C.) 1841-1843