Thursday 25 October 2018

Registry of Deeds Index Project: latest news

The volunteer-led Registry of Deeds Index Project has seen more updates and function improvements.

Canberra-based Nick Reddan FIGRS, who manages the free site, advises that the main Index now holds 290,372 record entries originating from 31,947 memorials of deeds, while the updated Grantors' Index now has 23,011 entries.

 In a bid to woo more would-be volunteers to contribute to the site, which exists purely for the benefit of Irish family historians, he says that transcribing the Grantors' Indexes is not complex; the data is in tabular form and you just need to type it into a spreadsheet or Word table and then email it to Simples.

In terms of improved functionality, Nick has corrected the search scripts so they should be working better now.

If you want some background to the ROD Index Project, you might like to read Nick's article in last month's newsletter of the Australasian Federation of Family History Organisations (1.2Mb pdf).