Wednesday 31 October 2018

Derry City Cemetery Burial Records database launched

The Derry City Cemetery Burial Records database is now available to search, free of charge. (If you missed it, my blogpost of 9 October will give you details of this volunteer project, which started two years ago.)

This free database holds some 36,000 records dating from 1853 to 1916+, and can be accessed from this page: City Cemetery Records Project. There's an example below of a search I made for James Doherty who was born in Donaghmore and died in 1882. I've had to reduce the image considerably but I think it should be just about legible.

Clicking on the 'Grave Locations' reference brings up another three register entries of burials over the following 30 years, all showing the identical place of residence and, presumably, all related to James Doherty. And the precise location of the grave plot in the burial ground can be pinpointed in the cemetery map (see Tip 3 in the main text).