Monday 9 May 2016

DNA lectures from WDYTYA? 2016 now on YouTube

Videos of nine of the Family Tree DNA lectures (plus an introduction) presented at last month's WDYTYA? Live in Birmingham are now available on YouTube.

This series of talks was sponsored by Family Tree DNA and the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG), and they can be found, along with other lectures delivered at the same fair/exhibition/conference in the previous two years, on a dedicated channel called "DNA Lectures - Who do you think you are". In total, there are now 36 lectures (with a handful more to come, see below) freely available ranging from beginner to advanced level: an outstanding opportunity to educate yourself about this fascinating marriage of traditional genealogy and science.

You can watch a three-minute introduction to the video series here, or launch straight in to one of the lecture presentations below:

Autosomal DNA - how to use it in practice, with Maurice Gleeson. 55 mins.

Understanding autosomal DNA testing - the pleasures and pitfalls, with Debbie Kennett. 55mins.

Lessons from a large yDNA project, with James M Irvine. 1hr 5 mins

Genetic genealogy in the 21st century, with Katherine Borges. 27 mins.

Inferring Human History using DNA, with Garrett Hellenthal. 36 mins.

Using SNP Testing & STRs to enhance a genetic genealogy research project Part 1, with John Cleary. 24 mins.  Part 2 (23 mins). Part 3 (18 mins).

Who's your cousin? Using DNA to determine relatedness, with Doug Speed. 59 mins.

Finding Family with DNA testing: a genetic detective story, with Richard Hill. 37 mins.

DNA demystified - A Beginner's Guide to genetic genealogy, with Debbie Kennett. 55 mins.

Did DNA really prove it was Richard III's skeleton in the Leicester car park? with John D Reid. 25 mins.

Maurice Gleeson, the Irish genealogist who co-ordinates the Family Tree DNA lecture series, as well as the Ireland Genetic Genealogy conference usually held at BTOP, tells me that five more lectures are 'in the pipe', and will probably be available within about a week or so. I'll update the list above when this happens.

Above list updated 22 May.