Tuesday 10 May 2016

BNA adds Incumbered Estates Record newspaper

The British Newspaper Archive (BNA) has added another Irish title to its online database: The Weekly Gazette, Incumbered Estates Record & National Advertiser.

As its name suggests, the paper advertises details of property and land being auctioned via the Incumbered Estates Court (also known as the Encumbered Estates Courts and Landed Estate Court).

In the edition I've looked at, these sale notices made up only one and a half pages of the 16-page publication. The remainding pages are full of news from the Crimean War, including lists of soldiers injured, sick or dead; Quarter Sessions reports; details of markets around the island; railway news; and bmd announcements.

In a statement on the front page (1855), the newspaper says: "We have no connection with, no interest in, any party but the universal nation. This paper knows no Politics, but its readers are furnished with News and Leading Articles of prominent interest from the Times, Chronicle, Post, Observer, Herald, Daily News, Bell's Life, and the leading Irish journals. No Political or Religious bias influences the selection of the articles."

It adds: "Ireland is the only country in which the Press has not heretofore furnished its readers with News on Sunday.... The Gazette removes this glaring inferiority."

The online database holds 29 editions of the paper dating from December 1854 to June 1855. There's no indication that this holding will expand.

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