Wednesday 2 March 2016

Red Cap Books becomes North Wicklow Books

An extensive private collection of local history
books is for sale through North Wicklow Books
You may remember that at the tail end of January I blogged about the sale of general, local and family history books through Red Cap Books, a small business set up by a historian who was selling off his book collection. I bought some very useful and hard-to-find books from him, and I know several others who did the same. (Original blogpost here.)

All was going well for RedCapBooks until Facebook got itself hot and bothered about its rules. Here's the story, from the historian himself:

"Having worked very hard over the past few weeks to build up the RedCapBooks brand from scratch, Facebook decided to close my site this morning (apparently it is something to do with having a personal page operating as a business – I don’t really understand it myself, but so be it).

"This means that I cannot now access my old Facebook page. Thus, I have spent the morning setting up a new page which is called North Wicklow Books; I have set it as a local business, so there should be no issues going forward. You can access the page here:

"My catalogue is now available at and I can be contacted at (The old email address – – still works; it forwards messages to the new account.)

"This change doesn't affect any current purchases. All sales agreements will be upheld."