Wednesday 2 March 2016

Irish News Archive offers discount & free 1916 papers

There's a lot going on at the Irish Newspaper Archive.

In addition to the new titles being prepared for upload (see last week's blogpost), the company has a special offer to mark this year's centenary of the 1916 Easter Rising.

For a limited period, the 1916 editions of 33 carefully selected titles in the archive are being made freely available on a dedicated sub-site at

If you register for this free content, you'll be able to search, retrieve and view newspaper reports and articles published before and after the rebellion. You'll be able to view the day by day events and read the Irish people's opinions, views and feeling through articles, stories and photographs.

The Irish Newspaper Archive is also offering a 25% discount on new monthly or annual subscriptions to the whole site. Subscriptions allow access to more than 60 titles dating back to 1738 and coming forward right up to the present.

With the discount, the 30-day subscription is reduced from €30 to 22.50, while the one-year subscription is reduced from €178 to €135.50. If you want to take up the discount, follow the links on this subscription page and quote the coupon code 1916DISC25.
Free access to Irish newspapers published in 1916 - for a limited period