Wednesday 2 March 2016

Life in 1916: Stories from statistics

The Central Statistics Office of Ireland has put together a fascinating online publication called
Life in 1916 Ireland: Stories from statistics.

You don't have to love statistics to enjoy this. There's an interesting infographic to coax you in (see below) and then you're let loose on a range of themes to let you explore living conditions such as housing; literacy, causes of deaths; the size of the rail network (964 train stations!); the most popular names (did you know that nearly a quarter of the male population was called either John or Patrick?) and plenty more.

It holds loads of figures, as you'd expect, but there's good textual analysis and relevant photos to make the presentation highly readable.  It's an easy one to dip in and out of, so worth bookmarking. You can access it here or click/tap the image below.