Tuesday 2 February 2016

Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives: end Jan update

The headstone to my gt gt grandfather,
born 1823, and other relatives.
Kilkerranmore, Clonakilty, Co Cork
Below you'll find links to files added to Ireland Genealogy Projects Archives (IGP-web) in the second half of January.

To prove that I practise what I preach when I coax other researchers to donate their records, transcriptions, and photos to IGP-web, this most recent update includes a submission from yours truly, which I prepared over the Christmas holiday.

IRELAND Genealogy Archives - Cemeteries
Funerals By J. & C. Nichols, Ltd, Dublin 1919-1939

CORK Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Kilkerranmore Graveyard (near Clonakilty)

DONEGAL Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Bundoran, St Ninnidhs Graveyard (Right Side)

LAOIS Genealogy Archives - Headstones
St. Pauls French Church, Portarlington (Headstones)

MEATH Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Donaghmore Cemetery
Kilclone (Old) Cemetery

SLIGO Genealogy Archives - Headstones
Sligo Cemetery - Middle Part, IRA, 1919-1923
Sligo Cemetery - Middle Part, Section H.

TIPPERARY Genealogy Archives - Miscellaneous
List of persons to Register Freeholds - 1831