Thursday 11 February 2016

Ancestry adds Crusheen Parish and School registers unexpected gifts!

The Roman Catholic parish registers for Crusheen, Co Clare, have joined Ancestry's Irish collection.

The indexed records span 1860 to 2014 and include the following books, all available for browsing:
  • Baptismal Register (1860-1900) 
  • Confirmation Register (1913) 
  • Liber Baptizorum (1860-1915) 
  • Liber Baptizorum (1900-1915) 
  • Liber Defunctorum (1940-2014) 
  • Matrimoniorum (1900-1939)

On a trial search, I looked for Martin Clancy, born 1888, and found two results. One took me to a typed transcript (the Baptism Register referred to above, created by Clare Heritage Centre, Corofin, Co Clare) showing the date of his baptism and the names of his parents, but not his sponsors. The other took me to an image of the actual entry in the baptism register (Liber Baptizorum above), where the names of his sponsors were given.

It's really good to see a confirmation register included.

A second gift from Ancestry comes with the upload of School Records for Crusheen parish, which date from 1862 to 1919. The details found for each student typically include the name and location of the school, and the name of the student, along with birth and enrolment dates.

There are also some District Inspectors Observation books, which report on matters such as the school's discipline and methods of teaching and the ability of the teachers to control and engage the students.