Thursday 18 February 2016

Ancestry's 2015 results at a glance

Ancestry released its financial results for 2015 yesterday (the full statement can be read here). 

While the beancounters will no doubt be engrossed in the profit and loss account, EBITDA reconciliations and free cash flow figures, genealogists might prefer my very boiled down version:

2015 Revenues/income: $683 million (€613m/£478m at today's FX rates), up >10% on 2014.

Number of subscribers: 2.64million, up 150,000 on the previous year.

Content updates: More than 1.7billion records added during the year

AncestryDNA tests: appox 1million tests sold

AncestryDNA database: now holds DNA samples from 1.5million

Family trees update: since 1996, users have created more than 70 million trees across all Ancestry and affiliated international sites.

Tim Sullivan, President and Chief Executive Officer of said: " On the strategic front, we delivered a greatly enhanced customer experience, launched major new content collections, grew AncestryDNA into the largest consumer genomic database and progressed on important growth iniatives interntionally and in our emerging businesses. We're off to a great start in 2016, a year in which we will be focused on continuing to diversify and expand the growth profile of the company, executing well in our core businesses and investing in our future."