Friday 24 April 2015

Co Clare Government Proceedings join FindMyPast

And here's another FindMyPast release, straight into the Ireland and World collections: the County Clare Government Proceedings 1732-1882.

As the collection name implies, this record set shows how the county was run in the 19th century. The records relate to the Grand Jury, the early form of County Councils and include the Grand Jury Presentments and lists of all those who served on the Grand Jury right back to 1689.

If that sounds a bit too highfalutin for your ancestors, hang on.

Presentments were generally orders for money to be paid for various work around the county. This could be anything from maintaining the roads to hiring a teacher or a doctor for the workhouse or a clerk for the courthouse. Entries usually include the details of the job and the name of the person hired to do it, as well as the amount that was due to be paid.

There are 42 volumes of grand jury presentments dating from 1784 to 1792 and 1870 to 1900.

Also included in the collection are letters and circulars to the grand jury and a volume listing the names of judges, sheriffs and grand jury members for the spring and summer meetings in Clare from 1732 to 1882.

The original material is held at Clare County Archive.