Saturday 18 April 2015

AncestryIreland adds RC baptism records for Belfast

AncestryIreland has added just under 9,000 Roman Catholic baptismal records to its database. The records are as follows:
  • Sacred Heart, Belfast: 3,702 baptisms from 1890 to 1929
  • St Mary’s, Belfast: 3,681 baptism from 1901 to 1930
  • St Vincent de Paul, Belfast: 1,414 baptisms from 1869 to 1929
In addition to the details usually found in RC baptism registers, these records contain the names and address of the parents and the names of the sponsors. Some of the entries also contain details of the later marriage of the child; in a number of instances the marriage took place outside Ireland, in Britain, Canada, New Zealand or the United States.