Wednesday 22 October 2014

New edition of The Irish Hand published

Newly published by Cork University Press
New edition published by Cork University Press
A revised and expanded edition of The Irish Hand by Timothy O'Neill, has been publised by Cork University Press.

The original work has long been regarded as the standard text on Irish Manuscripts, written by an author and historian who is widely acknowledged as the finest calligrapher in Ireland.

This new edition incorporates high quality digital images of the works of Irish scribes through the centuries. The extraordinary stories of the survival of these volumes, which date from the sixth to the 21st century, provide a commentary on the cultural history of Ireland, its language, scholars and scribes.

Beautifully produced, The Irish Hand is arranged in two parts with the first presenting a survey of the manuscript tradition, followed by essays on thirty-one of the great books of Ireland.

The context, contents, and history of each manuscript are given, accompanied by a full-page illustration.

Part Two surveys the work of the scribes from a practical perspective, examining script and lettering in detail. Extracts are given from fifty-two manuscripts, transliterated and translated, with a commentary on the penwork.

The 148-page hardback (9781782050926) can be purchased for €39 from the publishers.