Tuesday 22 April 2014

A Terrible Beauty is available on the Player for 30 days

For those who didn't catch the broadcast of A Terrible Beauty last night on TG4, it is available on the TG4 Player (here) for 30 days. As far as I'm aware, this can be viewed around the world.

The documentary film tells the story of the men and women, both Irish and British, caught up in the Easter Rising of 1916. Using a mixture of archive footage, dramatic reconstructions and eyewitness accounts, it follows the encounter of opposing forces at the Mount Street canal bridge and the slaughter which followed.

The programme is mostly in Irish, with English subtitles.

A website – 1916film – accompanies the film and includes some short promotional videos which you may wish to view as tasters before settling down to the full film. The team behind the film will be regularly updating the site with additional material including explorations of some lesser-known stories of the Rising.