Friday 10 May 2013

ITTs issued for Genealogy Services at NLI & NAI

The National Library of Ireland (NLI) has issued an Invitation To Tender (ITT) to provide the institution's Genealogy Services this summer.

The contract is for a 15-week run, starting on Monday 17 June and ending on Saturday 28 September, working a five-and-a-half-day week, plus Culture Night. Full details via the notice on eTenders.

As you'd expect, the qualifications and accreditation demanded of the service providers are high and subjected to close scrutiny. All tenders must be submitted by 4 June, so the successful panel of genealogists will be expected to leap into action, ready for the 17th.

Last year, Eneclann and Ancestor Network formed a consortium to provide a joint genealogy service across both the NLI and the National Archives of Ireland (NAI). That contract expires shortly. This year, each institution is issuing its own ITT and the contracts will be awarded separately.

I understand that the NAI's ITT has also been issued but it doesn't seem to have made its way onto eTenders yet.