Friday 17 May 2013

Any connections to Presbyterian Exiles of 1798?

The Ulster Historical Foundation (UHF) needs some help with a research project. It has been commissioned to carry out research into Ulster Presbyterians who sought refuge in the United States around the time of the 1798 Rebellion.

Many Presbyterians in the north of Ireland, along with a good number of other Protestant dissenters and Catholics, supported the United Irishmen, a republican revolutionary group. As a result, a number of them had to leave the island.

The UHF project aims to find out more about these individuals and their experiences in the US and has assembled a team of academics and researchers on both sides of the Atlantic to investigate further. So, if you have an ancestor who was involved in the United Irishmen cause and left Ireland as a consequence, please contact the UHF by email, using 'Presbyterian Exiles of 1798' in the subject line.

The UHF is committed to keeping your information confidential; no details will be released into the public domain without your permission.