Thursday, 26 July 2012

Take three: Videos

If you're dining al desko today, treat yourself to one or all of these interesting videos.

The Catulpa: True story of the daring escape of Irish nationalists from an Australian prison in 1867. Just 11 minutes long. Here.

RMS Justicia: Take a dive into the deep to see the wreckage of the RMS Justicia, a White Star Liner that was torpedoed in 1918 and lies just off the Donegal coast. Two and a half minutes long, it's here. (Thanks to World Irish for this and all the other interesting stories they uncover. It's one of my favourite drop-ins.)

So Cool: A two and a half minute long film telling the mythical story behind the Giant's Causeway and its most famous resident. View it here.

And then get back to work!