Thursday 10 November 2011

Evocative exhibition of homes abandoned by emigrants launches in Cork

An exhibition of poignant photographs launches at Library HQ, Cork County Hall at 1pm today.

Shot by internationally-acclaimed photographer David Creedon, a native of Cork, the photos depict the homes abandoned by emigrants in the 1950s and evoke a bygone age. Left to the ravages of time, these interiors, with their clumsy big furniture, brightly decorated walls and ubiquitous religious icons, create scenes that stir memories of granny's house, and tell of the everyday existence, hopes and dreams of those that once lived within.

A 168-page book Ghosts of the Faithful Departed, published by The Collins Press, accompanies the exhibition. It's on sale at Eason for €24.99.

The exhibition at Cork Library HQ runs until 25 November.